Beating the Odds Podcast

Stories of Successful Minority Businesses

Beating the Odds is a podcast full of inspiration and advice from minority entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles to build successful businesses. Each episode details their journey to success, and the issues that can sidetrack a business. Many of the challenges are unique to minority entrepreneurs while others are faced by all business owners. Some of the companies featured are large, some are small; but each story provides valuable lessons and inspiration to anyone who wants to succeed on their own. Listen, learn, and beat the odds!

About Hidden Star

Hidden Star is the organization behind Beating the Odds Podcast. Hidden Star is a nonprofit based in Austin, Texas on a mission to make free enterprise work for everyone. It is striving to accomplish this in three ways:

  1. Provide and deliver proven services and resources that dramatically increase the chances of success for low-income and minority businesses
  2. Counsel and mentor the entrepreneurs to ensure success throughout the life of the business
  3. Utilize our unique Pay it Forward with Equity model to become self-sustaining and provide more and more help to more and more disadvantaged entrepreneurs

Many of the entrepreneurs Hidden Star works with felt as though they were on their own when they decided to start their businesses. They had never heard the success stories of people just like them. They needed inspiration and advice from those who had done it before, but did not know where to look. Hidden Star recognized this as a new opportunity to serve their clients, and decided to launch Beating the Odds Podcast. This project perfectly complements Hidden Star’s mission by providing inspiration and advice to the exact same minority entrepreneurs Hidden Star is trying to help. Hidden Star is confident Beating the Odds Podcast will be a source of encouragement for minority entrepreneurs and lead to the growth of many new successful minority business.

Learn more about Hidden Star by visiting www.hiddenstar.org.

About the Host: Patricia Coskey

As the host of Beating the Odds Podcast, Patricia Coskey is busy interviewing minority business owners nationwide to uncover their success stories and provide inspiration and advice to anyone who wants to succeed on their own. Patricia Coskey has an extensive business background as a management consultant and knows what it takes to succeed.

If you would like to be a role model featured on the podcast, click here to complete the form at https://www.hiddenstar.org/podcasts/podcasts or email us at podcast@hiddenstar.org.

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